MUCINA is a clothing brand based in Latvia – founded and led by three sisters. They share common origin, values and cherish same traditions – same primary code. Yet their differences spring out each own personality – their unique code.


MUCINA brand mission is based on the urge to grasp the synergy of the environment, culture and human personality. Each clothing line is inspired by primeval craving to admire the conscious beauty of a woman. Have you ever witnessed a woman getting dressed? It is a pure mystery of adornment. A woman is constantly playing with her beauty. As a brand, MUCINA tries to be present in this performance with a light, sensual touch, relying on minimalistic shape and clear colors.     


We believe that people are invisibly linked by conscious, not adopted style. Focus on current concept in MUCINA clothes symbolize personality – already established, live unit. We offer sophisticated details in order to enchase the unique personality message. 


MUCINA perceives a woman as a symbol. Her presence is sufficient for the whole world to change. We want the world to change for good.