We all know that climate change is effecting our present and future lives. But not only are we negatively impacted by our actions but we play a huge role in the changing landscape our wildlife has witnessed over the last years!

A huge number of these unique-looking, intelligent animals are being brutally killed to fuel the growing demand for their ivory. These actions negatively impact the environment of everyone who is directly or indirectly touched by this incredible giant we share our planet with. 

For this collection we created three different artworks that turn into animations with the help of the AppArel app to spread awareness about endangered elephants.  

Scan the illustration on your t-shirt to see a hidden video message from us! But how does it work and why should you be part of this movement to change people’s perception of clothing through Augmented Reality together!?

1. Purchase one of our t-shirts with an elephant illustration from our AR collection 

2. Download the AppArel app

3. Wear your t-shirt and scan the illustration to see our message come to life that you can share with the people around you!

But how did we become part of this project you wonder?

MUCINA studio participated with our small to medium manufacturing services in a Ready2Net project from Latvian Technological centre that financially supported this project and brought us together with the amazing iGreet company from Bulgaria who created the AR app, Marfuse offering video animation and app logo and Pashmere from Italy that used their brand as a platform for AR promotion. 

Together we created a proposal for Clothes with Augmented Reality and received the approval. Now we have the amazing opportunity to make something meaningful!

For us, this incredible giant was the inspiration behind our illustrations. We want to change people’s perception of clothing through Augmented Reality together!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking to create a similar project, we are here to help you spread your message to the world through AR!

AppArel instructions

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