Writing about yourself seems as an easy thing to do, but when comes the moment you have to put everything on paper you start questioning your entire existence. So instead of going through this existential experience I have decided to write about my sisters Liene and Ilze rather than me.
This is Liene, she has a huge heart and a laugh you can hear miles away. One thing I love about her is that she will always help and be there for people she loves. If I ever get in trouble, I know for sure I can count on her! 
Liene is our general manager, always one step ahead of us, always organizing, decorating and making sure all things go smoothly. She always finds a solution in stressful situations. If I am the air and Ilze is fire, then Liene definitely is earth – she keeps us grounded and in touch with deadlines and smaller and bigger goals. Did I mention she is an obsessed formatting freak?  Don’t you dear leave a word unnoticed in a different font style! She is our voice of reason, always making sure our clients and partners are being treated highly and with respect.
And this is Ilze, MUCINA brand creative director. From an early age she has been travelling the world. After spending a decade away from Latvia, she has moved back for the time being, however she can’t handle the cold for long.
Ilze has a big and sensitive heart. She loves deeply, she voices her opinions and if she gets mad at you, well, I would not want to be in your place. But she does it out of love.
I really don’t know how she can juggle with so many duties at once and still manage to exercise and be well rested!
She is also very eager to learn new things, always surrounds herself with people who can teach her something new. Her love for fashion is undeniable. She is someone with an exceptional sense of style!
We both are very calm, believe the power of thoughts and the law of attraction. We also share a similar taste in music & art. I think she is my spirit animal from whom I have and will continue to learn a lot.
And now I will allow my sisters to finish of this blog post about me.
Elza is the youngest sister in our family also known as the millennium kid. She has grown up in media and technology-saturated environment, thus being our media geek. She is the one responsible for our social media accounts. If any of us have any doubts about the most appealing content and post reach she will be the person to turn to (don’t expect that she won’t roll her eyes). Her artistic personality and sense of aesthetics is a big bonus that helps us during the MUCINA photo shoots and also with social media posts.
She has been raised under the mantra "follow your dreams" and being told she was special and she truly is! She left for UK to study fashion marketing. Elza is always joyful, she gives a calm and shy first impression but scatters it the moment she gets on a dance floor. She is sensitive and loving with an open heart.  As Dalai Lama has said: “An open heart is an open mind.”

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